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Flower in store



Wright Weed, Palm Beach Sour, Northern Lights, Cream Caramel, Sky Walker Kush

Snowball, Purple Inferno, Jack Herer, Purple Kush


Strawberry Bubba, Coletti, Bigfoot Glue, Hell Sauce, Monster Sauce, Lemon Sauce, Arctic Orange

Marmalade, Citral Glue, Pine Fire, Green Lithium, Chem Dawg, Rumble


Tangie Cream,Black Widow, White Russian,Cookies & Cream, Oklahoma Trail, Bruce Banner, Rawton, Ooze, Sweet Glue, Vanilla Gorilla, Citradelic Sunset, Cookie Dough, Sour OG Cheese

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Sales Manger Dakota Palmer 405-638-0108

Bullseye Natural Remedies

3090 Old 66 Rd, Hydro, Oklahoma 73048, United States



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